Bentley Motors Inc.

I serve as lead designer on the Bentley Motors team at Solve. Bentley Motors came to us at a pivotal point in both their marketing and branding. They are rapidly trying to expand their brand presence and activity in what has become their largest market: The Americas. In addition, their home team in Crewe, England has been working through a significant refresh of the Bentley visual identity to tackle more modern needs.

As design lead for our American team, I have worked in tandem with the UK team to flesh out and implement these new standards. In addition, I have pioneered the creation of additional visual assets and systems tailored to the needs of the Americas.

The following work is a small yet diverse cross-section of work I have done for Bentley Motors. Further examples and discussion can be had upon request. I will update this with more as I am able.

  • Credits:
  • Created at Solve
  • Writer — Chris Hill
  • Writer — Joe Stefanson
  • Printer — Studio On Fire
  • Press — Graphis Gold